Product Review:  TRX Trainer

by Megan Senger

What It Is: A long, adjustable nylon strap with hand-and-foot loops at the ends. Hang it from an overhead anchor-point (think door frame, chin up bar, or even a tree). Put your hands or feet through the end-loops and use gravity and your body weight to do push ups, ab crunches, and, oh, a few hundred other variations on familiar moves.

What You Might Not Know: It’s basic, but smacks of Basic Training: the TRX was designed by a Navy Seal to buff up military men on the move. Dubbed a “Suspension Training” system by product creators Fitness Anywhere, the TRX was used by NFL quarterback Drew Brees to rehab his 2006 shoulder injury. And then achieve MVP status at the 2010 Superbowl, no less.

Feelin’ the Love: So, it’s just a long strap with some buckles and loops, that’s it? Yes, but the real power of this equipment is the innovative exercise program design featured on the accompanying DVD. You are basically paying for an excellent concept: the TRX is designed to challenge the core - and overall body co-ordination – effectively and directly. So it’s simple, but the sweat-factor is high.

The TRX is especially superior for frequent business travelers who are tired of half-baked hotel gyms and the resistance limits of other ultra-portable exercise equipment (elastic tubes and bands, anyone?) Another bonus: because you are using full body movements, you hit your abs on almost every move – yay!

If I Could Change One Thing: This system can be a little rough on your hands and ankles as they bear the brunt of your body weight much of the time. And don’t bother fixing it to flimsy

doors if you plan to do a serious workout – a potentially limiting factor at hotels. Special mention: the price tag for what is a very basic piece of equipment is itself heavy lifting – $189.95,really? At least you get a thorough DVD and instruction manual with that!

Should You Get It? The TRX is definitely effective and gives home-gym users and personal trainers variety if you want to spend the dough. But particularly for frequent travelers: if you have a lot of cash and self-motivation, check it out.; $189.95, TRX Pro Pack that includes 65 minute DVD, booklet, and carrying bag

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